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About Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Nothing beats toasting yourself with the aesthetics of a magnificent desert safari Abu Dhabi, UAE. Abu Dhabi, for once, is widely renowned for a variety of amusing things, but a trip to the United Arab Emirates' capital city is meaningless without a terrific desert safari. A memorable Abu Dhabi desert safari excursion may be both luxurious and exciting as long as you want it.

The idea is to take immense pleasure in activities like sand boarding, camel rides, admiring the beautiful sunset, or a wild adventure such as getting a beautiful henna stand on your hands. Desert safari Abu Dhabi can make you feel like a true Sheik via quad biking or dune bashing, among other activities.

The vast Arabian Desert allows you to take pleasure in its golden dunes while being a spectator to the breathtaking sunrises and romantic sunsets. The best desert safari Abu Dhabi embarks on a journey that offers you a chance for discovering the desert culture and local life, by exploring famous camel farms and Arabian desert camps. Cherish your evenings while watching Tanoura and marvelous belly dancers putting on a fantastic show of their incredible dancing skills under the bright stars.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Deals

Our Abu Dhabi desert safari trip comes with exciting deals on morning desert safari, Evening Desert Safari, Sunrise Desert Safari and romantic desert safaris with great inclusions and not to mention, exciting offers. We have both luxurious and cheap Abu Dhabi desert safari deals, giving you an ever-lasting memory of a wonderful experience at the desert. Our desert safari deals offer you an opportunity to observe magnificent sunrises and sunsets where desert breeze transforms the dunes. Relish your holiday while walking through the dramatic Rub Al Khali, Al Khatim, and the Liwa Oasis where we offer you comfortable pick and drop facilities, lip-smacking BBQ dinner with savory Arabian refreshments. Our deals also include a wide range of adventurous activities at the desert such as jeep safari, ATV quad bike ride, sand dune bashing, sand skiing, sand boarding, and more.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour Overview

The desert safari Abu Dhabi lets you dive in an unreal adventure of a lifetime where you get to partake in thrilling activities like sand boarding, sand skiing, desert camping, and whatnot. The first activity you can enjoy is sand boarding down the inclinations of the highest dunes and appreciate the amazing sight of the vast Arabian Desert. Enjoy a range of cultural activities like dressing up in traditional Arabian costumes, getting a henna tattoo on your skin which is completely safe, riding a camel, or visiting a camel farm. If you are a thrill seeker, then head out for activities like an ATV quad bike ride as there is nothing like riding an ATV in the middle of a desert filled with high dunes. 

Best Time to Visit
Pickup and Drop

Best Time to visit:

The best time to visit desert safari Abu Dhabi is during the winter season, from November to March, due to the pleasant and much cooler weather. 

What to Wear:

Thinking what to wear then checkout comfy but modest clothes like casual shorts, trousers, or shirts. Avoid sandals or flip-flops as desert safari clothing must be neutral but adjustable for both the temperatures and dust. The dunes are much easier to walk on if you are wearing flat boots and it’ll scale down your experience if you’ll have to constantly shake sand out of your flip-flops or sandals.

Pickup and Drop:

Pickup will be provided from all the hotels or other residents located in Abu Dhabi, between late afternoon hours, around 3-4 pm. You can enjoy all your activities including a fine BBQ dinner and the belly dancing exhibit and after that, you will be escorted safely back to your hotel in no time. You can either choose a private vehicle or a sharing vehicle for your journey.  


We offer two variants of desert safari in Abu Dhabi: the morning desert safari and the evening safari. The timings of your safari depend on the variants that you wish to choose. The morning safari starts at 08:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm. Likewise, your evening safari begins at 04:00 pm and ends the next day as you get to camp in the desert for the whole night. 

Morning Safari: 8am- 12pm

Evening Safari: 4pm- 10am (as you spend the night at the camp here)

  • An English speaking professional guide who is not only aware of the surroundings, but is also friendly. 
  • Round trip excursions from your hotel to the desert and back to your hotel. It depends on you if you want a private 4*4 or a shared one. Your pick up and drop is all on us. 
  • Picturesque landscape for some aesthetic photography. Also, opportunities for pictures in traditional Arabian costumes. 
  • Activities like sand boarding, sand skiing, ATV quad bike riding, golden dune drive, and more. 
  • Soothing activities like fire shows, intercontinental BBQ dinner with authentic Arabic options, Tanoura show, and exotic belly dance show. 
  • Separate washrooms for men and women.

1. Travel through the golden sands of the Abu Dhabi deserts in a round trip with a comfortable 4*4 AC land cruiser. Indulge in thrilling activities like sand boarding, sand skiing, camel riding, getting a henna tattoo, and more. 

2. The dune bash lasts for a charming 30-40 minutes where you can ride your ATV bike or even a land cruiser as it can make you feel like you’re in an action-packed movie. 

3. Experience a completely different side of Abu Dhabi which is calm, serene, and interesting and talks a lot about the magnificence of the place. 

4. Get mingled with the locals and learn about the desert culture while indulging in adventurous activities and taking photos of yourself in a traditional Arabic outfit. 

5. Watch a Tanoura and talented belly dancers putting on a great show while savoring on lip-smacking dinner in the desert camps.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Options

Morning Desert Abu Dhabi Safari

Rise and shine, and get ready for an exhilarating morning desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure while basking in the sun. The city's charm is heightened much more when you see how lovely it seems in the morning. Set out on a morning Desert Safari for an action-packed start to the day, with activities like riding a 4x4 land cruiser through the sand patterns. Allow the sun to beam brightly on you as you tumble down the golden dunes. Go camel riding while admiring the breathtaking vistas of the Abu Dhabi desert in the morning. Have a scrumptious Arabic breakfast and take several photographs while dressed in authentic Arabic garb.

Evening Desert Abu Dhabi Safari

When it comes to a classy evening desert safari, Abu Dhabi does not disappoint. With such a gorgeous and huge desert, exploring in the evening becomes much more lovely and elegant. Riding a 4x4 land cruiser across the desert sands, riding an ATV quad bike, riding a camel, and exploring like a true Arab will make your vacation absolutely unforgettable. It's a thrilling adventure where you can go on dangerous desert excursions and then have a delicious BBQ dinner. Enjoy a terrific belly dance show with the famous live Tanoura show.

Romantic Desert Abu Dhabi Safari

A romantic desert safari is a perfect getaway for honeymoon couples as the Abu Dhabi desert safari sings epic tales of romance in the ambience. There is nothing better than walking with your beloved on the cool sand dunes in the evening and camp under the bright shiny stars. The desert safari enhances the romantic beauty of Abu Dhabi with its soothing desert safari trip where you get to cherish the company of your loved one and partake in fun and adventurous activities with them. Give it a go on thrilling adventures like riding a camel together, dune bashing, getting a "Him & Her" henna design on your skin, or just basking in the romantic ambiance. Also, have a delicious candle light BBQ dinner with your partner and camping in the desert afterwards.

Why to Book Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tickets Online?

Booking an online Desert Safari Abu Dhabi ticket is the easiest and hassle-free way of grabbing your choice of time-slot to reach the destination. It not only saves your precious time, but it’s also accessible 24*7. It gives you a clear overview of the trip and you don’t have to stand in a long queue at the ticket counters and pay extra commissions. Online ticket booking allows your trip to be budget-friendly and comfortable, as you get various offers and deals on tickets.

Things to Do in Abu Dhabi Desert

Get the best out of your exclusive trip to Abu Dhabi by partaking in several adventurous activities that you can enjoy by experiencing [ Half-Day Desert Safari Abu Dhabi]( . Starting from desert dune bashing, riding a camel, and riding an ATV quad bike to dressing up like a true Arabian, getting a henna tattoo, and munching on some authentic and lip-smacking Arabic snacks, you can have the best desert safari Abu Dhabi experience there is.

Try Dune Bashing

A breathtaking activity not meant for the faint-hearted, dune bashing lets you drive up and down the sand dunes at high speed like you have nothing to lose at all. This particular activity is offered in every desert safari as it’s incomplete without a little dune bashing to enjoy the essence of golden sand. Ride in your 4*4 land cruisers or range rovers and get set on a roller coaster-like ride in the desert. Dune bashing is a daredevil activity, but fascinating enough to draw visitors from all over the world to try it out once in their lifetime.

Ride a Camel in the Desert

A safari in the desert calls for an essential camel ride. An attention-grabbing camel ride is not just a mere means of exploring the desert, but also an inherent part of Abu Dhabi’s cultural expertise. Let a charming camel take you to explore sand crests and valleys in the desert as you ride between its humps in the vastly spread Abu Dhabi desert. 

While you’re at it for 15-20 minutes, take time to appreciate the beautiful golden dunes and the beauty of the sunset in the desert. These camel rides are exclusively guided by their skilled domestic helper. You can choose a camel ride in the morning, evening, or even during an overnight stay. And that's not all, if you are blessed enough, you may also get to visit camel farming which is located en route to your desert camp. It can be a fun and educational trip for your friends or family with kids.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is a thrilling adventure that involves strapping yourself to a flat board and gliding over massive sand dunes. It's a popular Abu Dhabi desert experience since it offers you the sensation of flying or surfing on a strong wave. Along with this, you can also opt for sand skiing, which is almost the same as sand boarding, but with skiing. All you need is to balance yourself on the sand dunes, and you’re all set to go. Though sand boarding is a solo sport and doesn’t really require assistance of training, it is still recommended to have closed toed trainers and socks.

Ride An ATV Quad Bike

This is something you don’t do on an everyday basis in the cities. Riding an ATV Quad bike is something that lets you take out your adrenaline junkie and hop on a quad bike to explore the desert on your own. This particular activity doesn’t require any training. Once you are set on a quad bike, you’ll automatically know what to do. It sends thrill and adventure down your spine where all you see is the majestic golden dunes of the desert and you, riding a bike. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that shouldn’t be missed.

Taste Delicious BBQ Dinner and Dance with Exotic Belly Dancers

What can be better than relishing a whole day in adventurous activities and then start & end your day with desert safari with BBQ dinner and an exotic belly dancers show. Culminate your adventurous trip by experiencing the life of desert locals and their culture. Enjoy an amazing desert safari with a delicious Arabic BBQ meal that offers you a variety to choose from. You are offered delicious mezze-style starters such as hummus, moutabal, fattoush salad which is made up of cucumber, tomato, onions, pomegranate, lettuce, and radishes, and mixed pickles served with Arabic bread. Apart from this lip-smacking dinner, treat yourself with the finest dance performances, showcased by trained belly dancers and tanoura artists. The whole atmosphere reeks of nothing but ecstasy and enjoyment with fine Arabic music. 

Camping Under The Stars

The main attraction of a desert safari is an overnight stay and in overnight desert safari you can just entitled to experience overnight activities and much more, where you get to set a camp right in the middle of the desert. The whole atmosphere makes you feel like you’re not just camping under the stars, but in a luxurious resort. The magical Bedouin camps let you set up a beautiful camp under the stars and you can spend the night in the desert with campfires. And not to worry, it’s completely safe and sound.

Why to Go for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

  • An Abu Dhabi desert safari adventure allows you to explore the best and most picturesque activities in the Arabic desert with a professional and friendly guide who will accompany you every step of the way. 
  • A magical evening at the Abu Dhabi desert safari gives you an opportunity to bring out the inner photographer in you as the view is spectacular and unmatched. The sunset on these deserts is truly a beautiful and enchanting sight to behold, which is something you would miss in the city-life. 
  • Enjoy a wide range of activities like sand dune bashing, sand boarding or skiing, riding an ATV quad bike, and camel riding with the friendly guidance of our experts. 
  • Nothing in Abu Dhabi can compete with the exotic show by talented and beautiful belly dancers and the Tanoura dancers, which is a famous Egyptian folklore dancing show. Along with this, entertain yourself with the traditional Arabic music and fire show. 
  • The grand finale of your desert safari comes with a delicious and traditional Arabic BBQ dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and an overnight stay at the camps under the stars. All in all, an Abu Dhabi desert safari is a magical trip to behold, something that you can cherish for life.

Tips for Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

  • For the best desert safari Abu Dhabi experience, you should wear comfortable cotton clothing only. Wearing comfy clothes not only helps you relax after your adventures, but also lets you participate in every activity freely. Observe the local dress code and wear something casual for activities like sand boarding or sand skiing. 
  • Ensure to avoid any sickness or nausea by having a light meal before trying for a dune bashing safari trip. 
  • Since activities like dune bashing and ATV quad bike riding are bumpier in nature, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. 
  • Do not book your tickets in the holy month of Ramadan as there won’t be any entertainment available. Even the timings of the pickup and drop might vary. Make sure you choose the best desert safari Abu Dhabi price deals as the rates might differ depending on festivities. 
  • Do not bring heavy luggage, but a small backpack in which you can keep a light jacket for evening safari as it gets really chilly in the desert after sun down. 
  • It advised to not go for henna painting if your skin is sensitive to it.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi FAQ's

How far is the desert from Abu Dhabi?

The distance between Abu Dhabi and the desert safari is 112 km.

What should I wear on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

When going on a desert safari, you should wear comfortable clothes. The hot weather in Dubai would be excellent for loose cotton clothing. Apart from that, casual shorts, t-shirts, dresses, or trousers can be termed as feasible options. In terms of footwear, the best options are sport shoes, hiking shoes, covered sneakers, or even boots.

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What are the different types of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

There are different safaris to choose from- the Morning Safari, Half day safari, Evening Safari, Overnight Safari, VIP Safaris, Romantic Safari, sunrise safari and Private Safaris. Overnight safaris can, however, be incorporated in evening safari packages that include camping, a fire display, a dance performance, and an overnight stay.

What should I bring on an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

  • Sun protection- Sunglasses, sun hats, sunscreen lotions, scarves. 
  • Medications- Only if they are prescribed, you can bring along medications for nausea, headaches, or any other physical pain or discomfort. 
  • Gadgets- Portable mobile chargers, power banks (for overnight safari). 
  • Photography- You may either use your phones to take pictures or bring a camera or a go-pro camera. Drones, however, are not recommended.

What is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari?

The best time to partake in Abu Dhabi desert safari is only during the winter season as the weather is mostly pleasant and cooler, with no scorching heat. Ideally, the months from November to March are considered to be the best time to visit Abu Dhabi.

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