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Your trip to Abu Dhabi won’t be complete without enjoying Desert Safari. Abu Dhabi Sunrise Desert Safari gives you a chance to enjoy the sensational desert scenery as you walk over the dazzling golden sands. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking desert beauty and feel the morning breeze caressing your body. During the Abu Dhabi Sunrise Desert Safari, you’ll also get the opportunity to observe the unique Arabian heritage and culture. Catch the magnificent desert sunrise views and sunset views with overnight desert safari, enjoy a camel ride and appreciate the serenity and beauty of Abu Dhabi’s dunes. The magical views of the sun rising from the vastness of the desert is nothing less than mind-blowing. As the sun escalates from the horizon, you’ll see a blast of bright red and orange colors illuminating the clouds and lighting up the entire desert. Go deeper into the unique desert setting with a visit to the Bedouin-inspired campsite.

If you’re an adventure lover, get ready for a dune-bashing experience along the sprawling dunes of the magical desert. You can also navigate challenging terrains with quad bikes and dune buggies and make the sunrise desert safari a memorable event. Complete the sunrise desert safari experience with henna, photoshoots, and lip-smacking breakfast.

Why to Book Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tickets Online

You should book an Abu Dhabi Desert Safari sunrise ticket online to avoid standing in the long queue at the ticket counter. Since Sunrise Desert Safari is an extremely sought-after experience, the tickets usually sell out fast, and you might not get the same-day booking if the rush is high. So it is recommended to book the Abu Dhabi Sunrise Desert Safari online so that you can get the booking on your desired date. If you book the tickets online, there are also chances that you can get a huge discount making your trip even more cost-effective.

Dubai Desert Safari Wear

1.) Skip the Line:Being one of the most sought-after experiences in Abu Dhabi, people usually have to stand in long queues to get Abu Dhabi Desert Safari sunrise tickets. But by booking the tickets online, you can skip the line and head to the designated desert region to enjoy the experience directly.

2.) Book Your Tickets in Advance:Book your Abu Dhabi Desert Safari sunrise ticket in advance to get the booking date of your choice and avoid the huge rush and waiting line at the ticket counter. The e-ticket will be sent directly to your email, and you can show it before entering the attraction.

3.) Convenience/ Ease:Booking your desert safari sunrise tickets online is extremely convenient and hassle-free. You just need to visit a trustworthy website, select the deal and timing and pay the price, and you will get a confirmation notification on your email id. The best thing is that you can book the tickets while sitting in your home or on the go, and you won’t have to waste time standing for long hours in the ticketing queue.

4.) Best Deals and discounts:Another reason you should book the Sunrise Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi ticket online is that you can get the best discounts and deals. This will make your trip even more budget-friendly and cost-effective.

Why You Should Choose Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi?

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

You should choose Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi to experience the stark beauty and wilderness of the desert amidst the bright orange hues of the rising sun. Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is a spectacular desert tour that will take you to the most awesome and relaxing spots in the desert. Sit on a sand dune and wait patiently to see the sun rising beautifully in the sky, spreading its golden hues. You can also bring your camera to click beautiful photos of the sunrise. After absorbing some early morning vitamin D, hop on to the 4×4 and enjoy an adventurous dune bashing session across the dunes.

Read what to wear while desert safari abu dhabi so that you can make the most out of your sunrise desert safari experience more exciting with a session of quad biking or camel ride. To make things traditional, you’ll be taken to a camel farm where you can see the camels going about their daily routines. Enjoy an exciting ride on the back of the camel and witness the majestic desert views. Feel like royalty as you’re served Arabic coffee, dates, and dry fruits during the refreshment break. Whether you’re a seasoned travel lover or a first-time thrill-seeker, the Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi experience will stay imprinted on your mind forever.

Things To Do While Going For Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

There are various things that you can do during your Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi trip. You can witness the bright orange hues of sunlight illuminating the desert up close, visit a camel farm and enjoy a camel ride. If you’re an adventurous soul, spike up your adrenaline level by enjoying activities such as sand boarding and dune bashing.

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Dune bashing

Get ready for an off-roading adventure of a lifetime on the sand dunes by enjoying dune bashing. While enjoying this high-octane activity, you’ll be seated in a 4X4 vehicle, and the car will go up the dune and come down at varying speeds.

Dubai Camel Safari.jpeg
Visit Camel Farm

During the Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi tour, you’ll get a chance to have a close encounter with the friendly and curious camels at the camel farm! You can feed camels here and see them going about their daily routines.

camel ride abu dhabi.jpg
Camel Riding

Camel riding can be the best option if you’re looking for a thrilling and exciting way to get a taste of desert life. Ride on the back of a camel through the windswept, rippling desert and experience the undulating views of the sand dunes.

Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding is an adrenaline-pumping activity wherein you’ll have to glide seamlessly through the sands. A special sandboard will be provided to you to ski on sandy terrains and make your way through the sand. Choose gentle, small dunes if you’re a novice, and pick a massive slope if you’re a hardcore adventure enthusiast.

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Why is Sunrise Desert Safari Abu Dhabi so famous?

    Sunrise Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is so famous as it gives you a chance to admire the beautiful desert landscape being lit up beautifully by the sun’s rays. Enjoy a heart-plumping drive across the dunes in a 4WD vehicle and go on a camel ride along the sand dunes.

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