About Half Day Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

An exciting desert safari that takes you into the enigmatic desert's depths is the Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi which kick starts through Morning Desert Safari and goes till half-day. This thrilling safari transports you to the enigmatic desert's depths during the day and to fun-filled entertainment at night. The entire journey can be described as an exhilarating safari to a torchlit night with Arabic music resonating in the dunes that lie in the background. In Abu Dhabi's desert, it would undoubtedly be a wonderful and enjoyable day. The opportunity to learn about the vastness of the desert is also a big part of the entertainment, which goes beyond music and dancing. Raise high on the dune's summit and crouch down in the deep depths and take a camel ride through the huge, fascinating desert. You feel like a sheikh while enjoying flavour-infused shisha and mouth watering BBQ while being entertained by belly dancers. Try getting lovely henna designs applied to your hands or try on some of the available traditional Arabic clothing. Your trip to the UAE will be one to remember if you spend a day discovering the subtler subtleties of the desert while enjoying plenty of entertainment. As you drive your 4WD vehicle through the apparently endless sand dunes, you will have the ride of your life as you enter the desert. A trail will be left in the dune's satiny sands from the up-and-down trip that felt like a roller coaster. Your car will drive deep into the trenches and ascend to the top of the dunes. Take a stop when you get to the high dunes to watch the breathtaking sunset across the horizon.

Why to Book Half Day Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

It is highly recommended that you buy your Abu Dhabi half day desert Safari tickets in advance online. For the simple reason that Windsor Palace tours are so sought after, they are almost always sold out months in advance. Getting tickets in advance increases your chances of getting a convenient entry time and also lets you avoid waiting in the long queues in the blistering heat of Abu Dhabi for two hours. Also, if you buy your desert safari tickets in advance online, you can choose your own entry time. But, not buying tickets in advance increases the likelihood of receiving a time slot that conflicts with other obligations

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1.) Purchase skip the line ticketsGo for an exciting desert safari in abu dhabi that takes you deep into the enigmatic half day desert Safari. Although there may be long lines, you can avoid them altogether by purchasing the safari tickets in advance online and using the "skip the line" option.

2.) Book Your Tickets in Advance Make sure you get Abu Dhabi half day desert Safari tickets for the day you want to visit the spot well in advance. You'll receive an electronic ticket via email, which you'll need to present at the time of the activity. You can avoid long lines and save time for the same price by using this method.

3.) Convenience/ EaseThis strategy saves you time and money by avoiding long queues, charging the same amount. Instead you get to book the tickets from the comfort of your home.

4.) Best Deals and discountsYou can enjoy a great deal of discounts and cashbacks on the tickets when purchasing them online.

Experiences Included in Half Day Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Evening Dubai Desert Safari
Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is the most outlandish thing you can do in the desert, and it's also a highly exciting and thrilling experience. There will be whoops of joy when the automobile speeds up a dune and then descends sharply. Experience the thrill of free fall from the top of the tall dunes. The frantic drive can take up to 30 minutes and kick up a tonne of sand.

Morning Desert Safari
Camel Riding

Travelling through the desert of Dubai on the backs of camels is the most classic way to do so. Learn firsthand why the nomadic Bedouin rely on these gentle beasts by riding in a camel caravan across the desert. A 45-minute camel ride through the desert during a Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi will take you to a falcon show in the sand dunes, following in the footsteps of the Bedouin.

Morning Desert Safari Fun
Sand Boarding

With so much open territory at your disposal, the Arabian Desert becomes your personal playground. Sandboarding, like snowboarding but without the need for heavy equipment or a snowy landscape, is a popular activity for the physically active. You can participate in this popular desert sport and ride the waves of the dunes in the stunning Arabian Desert.

Dine in the Dubai Desert.jpeg
BBQ Buffet Dinner

Soon after sundown during an Abu Dhabi half day desert Safari, a BBQ supper with soft drinks and live music will be provided. As a symbol of welcome and respect, you will also be offered Arabic coffee and dates. Rest easy, because you will certainly enjoy the sumptuous desert camp BBQ supper and open bar before a thrilling performance.

Why You Should Choose Half Day Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

What to Wear in Desert Safari

Driving a 320 HP off-road vehicle up and down the dunes like a roller coaster is incredibly thrilling during a Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi. You enjoy a BBQ in the evening while the stars are out where the off-road vehicles will take you on an exhilarating rollercoaster journey across the sand dunes. Dune bashing is the epitome of pure adventure since a half-day Abu Dhabi Desert Safari wouldn't be complete without the breath-taking journey in a potent 4x4. The vehicles drive over the sharp edges and up the enormous sand dunes then accelerate again at the other side. Following that, you can snap beautiful shots as you take in the unending silence of the desert but will be going to get to a camel farm a bit later. You will arrive at the desert camp following another thrilling journey across the sand dunes and be greeted there with tea, dates, and coffee. You can take in the breathtaking sunset, do quad or sand skiing, camel riding, attempt henna tattoos, and unwind with a hookah while dinner is being prepared. Following a delectable barbecue dinner, a captivating Tanura dance performance begins and you might want to start dancing straight immediately. You can enjoy the starry sky before leaving for home as the lights will be turned out so you can view it.

Tips For Your Half Day Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

Dubai Desert Safari Wear
  • Before and after your Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, feel free to utilise our guesthouse's bathroom and sleeping areas as well as secure luggage storage.
  • Dress in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Carry a scarf, sunhat, and sunglasses. Please bring your spectacles (we don't recommend contact lenses due to the tiny sand that can easily sneak behind them).
  • A cosy jacket or shawl in the winter for the early morning and evening.
  • Bring your bathroom supplies.
  • Do bring a torch (flashlight)
  • If your travel schedule has you leaving in the morning and returning in the late afternoon, you may want to plan ahead and have something to do during the lengthy lunch break (cards, books, music etc).
  • Don't forget to bring your camera, and take special care when using electronic devices because sand can quickly get inside the mechanism.
  • If you believe you might require medication, kindly bring it.

Desert Safari Experiences in Abu Dhabi

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    The Half Day Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is an exclusive trip package created to give guests a taste of Abu Dhabi's desert in just 5-6 hours of adventure, entertainment, and a BBQ dinner with both vegetarian and meat options. All the exciting thrills of the golden sand dunes are at your fingertips with this tour package.

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