Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

If you have always wanted to have the best off-road desert adventure, then a desert safari in Abu Dhabi can be your best choice. The desert safari offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience a true Arabian adventure. Golden sands, colorful camps, blue skies, sand-dune bashing on jeeps, thrilling camel safaris, and many other memorable experiences await during your desert safari Abu Dhabi tour. While opting for the desert safari it's important to dress up appropriately so that you can enjoy the activities to the core. Wear comfortable and breathable clothes so that you can tolerate the rugged condition of the desert. It can be scorching hot in the evening and extremely cold at night and early morning, so it's best to carry multiple layers of clothes. Don’t wear tight clothes or high heels as they will make you feel uncomfortable the entire day. Cotton, rayon material, and linen can be the perfect option as they work well with extreme sweating and can bear the dust. If you’re visiting Abu Dhabi in extreme winters don’t forget to wear a cardigan, jacket or sweater. To have a fun trip, keep all the essentials in mind and you’re good to go!

What To Wear For Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi?

If you're wondering what to dress for Abu dhabi Desert Safari, then comfortable and lightweight clothes can be your best option. Opt for breathable, neutral, and adjustable clothes that can bear cold and hot temperatures and plenty of dust. Hink cotton, rayon material, and linen can be the best option as they work well with extreme sweating. You should also keep in mind to wear modest clothes as in Abu Dhabi people strictly follow Islam. The Abu Dhabi dress code doesn't require women to be covered fully at all times. As a rule of thumb, women and men should dress in a way that seems practical and culturally sensitive.

What to Wear in Desert Safari
What To Wear?

You can wear a loose t-shirt or top along with shorts above your knees.Loose cotton trousers and culottes can be a better choice than wearing clingy clothing in summer.Avoid wearing overly clingy, tight clothes that show cleavage and make you feel like an attention seeker.Ladies can wear a sports bra or a tank top if taking on dune bashing and other desert sports.Keep a cotton stroll or scarf to wrap around your face and head to protect you from dust and sand – especially during camel riding and quad biking.You can pack two sets of shoes; closed-toe trainers for desert motorsports and a pair of flip-flops for walking around the desert camp.If you're wondering what to dress for the Abu Dhabi Desert safari if visiting in extreme winters, a cardigan or sweater can be the best choice.

Ideal Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Clothing Material

Apart from being perplexed about what to wear for Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, you might also be worried about the type of clothing material you should select for the tour. An ideal Abu Dhabi Desert safari clothing material is something that's breathable, lightweight, and makes less noise while you're moving. Simple cotton and rayon work best for safari trousers and shirts. Ladies can wear cotton dresses and palazzo pants with a sleeve top.

Desert Safari Dubai Outfit
What Not To Wear?

Ladies should not wear short skirts and tops that show their cleavage excessively.Don't wear white and pale-colored clothes as they can become very dirty in the sand.Don't wear camouflage clothes that can be confused with military wear. Unless you're thinking of doing some serious hiking, don't wear heavy walking boots. Don't dress formally. Refrain from wearing ball gowns and tuxedos.One of the best tips to visit Abu Dhabi Desert Safari is not to wear overly thick jackets and thick fleeces as the weather is mostly hot and humid. Don't wear vests and biker shorts.

Dubai Desert Safari Wear
What to Wear For a Desert Safari in the Evening?

For evening desert safari, don't wear ties and jackets or tuxedos and formal suits. Most safari camps have relaxed dress codes, so you don't need to take formal clothes with you. You can wear a comfortable pair of trousers or jeans and a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. You can also carry a warm fleece or jacket to ward off the chill during the nighttime. Light-colored clothes are best for evenings as they don't attract mosquitoes.

Hat and ScarfYou can wear a hat or cap while going for Desert Safari Abu Dhabi to protect yourself from the heat and dust. It can also help you keep your hair away from your face while enjoying desert activities

Seasonal Outfits For Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Outfit
Outfits You Can Wear During Winters

If you're going for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi during winter, you should wear a bulky pullover or a cardigan that will protect you from the chilly weather. During winter, the weather in Abu Dhabi's desert area is extremely cool, and you'll have to wear proper winter clothing to ward off the chill. You can also carry a stroll or a pashmina shawl to cover yourself in case you feel an intense cold.

Summer Outfit for Desert Safari
Outfits You Can Wear During Summers

During summers, the weather in Abu Dhabi's desert area is extremely hot and humid, and you must dress appropriately to ward off the heat waves. Men can wear loose-fitting jeans or trousers along with a cotton t-shirt. Women can wear jumpsuits, palazzo pants, or comfortable jeans with a tank top. Remember, whatever you're wearing is made of breathable materials and works well with excessive sweating. You can also carry a hat or a scarf to protect your face and hair from the scorching heat.

What to Dress For Desert Activities In Abu Dhabi?

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Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is considered a rugged activity wherein you'll take to the sand in a high-powered 4×4 jeep and drive at high speed over the dunes. If you're going for dune bashing, you should wear comfortable and loose clothes. You should also wear sturdy, comfortable shoes that can resist dust.

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Camel Riding

If you opt for camel riding, you can wear long, baggy shorts, cargo pants, or loose non-slip trousers/pants. You can also wear boots or shoes that won't fill up easily with loose, fine sand. Ladies should refrain from wearing short skirts as it will make it very inconvenient for them to hop on to the camel wearing such type of attire.

Sandboarding in dubai.jpg

Sandboarding is a casualwear sport, and while enjoying this sporting activity, it would be best to wear casual clothes. Remember, everything you wear will be subject to an excessive amount of sweat, sand, and extreme weather conditions. Old clothes you don't mind getting worn out and ruined will be the best option to wear while enjoying this activity. You can also wear closed-toe footwear and loose trousers over shorts and skirts.

Dubai Desert Safari
Quad Biking

If you're going for quad biking, wear long linen trousers or denim jeans. Don't wear 3/4 jeans or shorts while enjoying this activity, as the scorching heat from the engine can burn the bottom of your legs. Some camps also have strict rules that closed-toe footwear should be worn while enjoying this activity.

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BBQ Dinner & Entertainment

Your desert safari tour will end with a BBQ dinner wherein you'll be seated on the floor covered with rugs. During BBQ dinner & entertainment, wear something with which you can comfortably sit on the ground. Breezy, flowy dresses and flats that can withstand a little amount of dust can be the best option for ladies. Men can wear a cotton shirt and a comfortable pair of trousers or jeans.

Tips To Go For Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

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  • Listen carefully to the instructors as you partake in various adventure activities like quad biking, dune bashing, etc.
  • Don't turn over stones or wander off at unknown spots as the desert houses a few poisonous creepy creatures!
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen before going on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.
  • Wear loose-fitting, comfortable, long-sleeved clothes made from natural fibres to protect yourself from unwanted insect bites and the sun. You can also carry a wide-brimmed baseball cap or a hat.
  • Carry a light jacket or a stole for evening safaris, as the weather might get cool after sundown.
  • Choose the time of your desert safari wisely to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Evening safaris in the winter are amongst the best.
  • In terms of footwear, trainers and socks are best for most activities.

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FAQ's Of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

What to wear to go for a morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

    You can wear a poncho, a hoodie, or a bulky pullover if you're going for a morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi. You can wear a T-shirt or a tank top underneath along with shorts or loose-fitting trousers.

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